Milk procesing warehouse

Demolition works, metal constructions, ceilings, exterior walls of sandwich panels, facades, ended plastering, priming, painting, windows installation, gutter installation.

  Apasteel, as one of the manufacturers of prefabricated steel structures including prefabricated houses, buildings, living and sanitary containers, has become an important supplier of modular containers for storage purpoces, offices and accomodation camps including sanitary containers. Apasteel has a capacity to deliver in reasonable time and be flexible to client needs. Our production capacity is about 100 individual modules per month.

Apasteel containers come in various sizes and functional plans also internal plan can be adjusted to suit client request at its best.

All materials used in our containers are chosen from top quality European Union brands, which give them long life span.

In addition to being comfortable and modern design, our containers are produced according to international transportation standards making it easy to transport. Furthermore they are easy to assemble once arrived on site.

 Additional services:
-new product developments
-logistic service
-instalation on site
- warranty and post-warranty service 

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