Apastata has implemented an integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 international standards. The goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s daily operations, considering the needs of all our interested parties. We can guarantee that we always fully comply with the standards and legal requirements applicable to us.

Responsible management of quality, environment, safety and health systems together with continuous improvement of efficiency is a prerequisite for a successful business. In each stage of the ongoing projects we consider and will take into consideration significant environmental aspects, in order to improve waste management, efficiently use raw materials and other resources. We carefully choose the right materials and construction solutions, we strive to build buildings that minimize energy consumption, try to limit the emissions of the vehicles, always sort and transfer waste for the secondary use.

The quality of our buildings satisfies even the most demanding customer. We believe, that the key to our success in this area is the professionalism of our employees as well as their commitment to the company’s obligations. In order to keep the professionalism at its highest, we are continuously training our staff, as well as use all the possible resources which help to protect our employees from various injuries.

We believe that our implemented Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management systems will ensure prevention of pollution and create favorable conditions for sustainable development.